TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag; Great for Family Camping; Free Compression Sack

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When you need a great sleeping bag to come back to after a long day on the trail, choose the Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag, by TETON Sports. This three-season sleeping bag was built to last a lifetime. It’s filled with innovative fiber fill that keeps you warm and is rated to below freezing temperatures. The mummy-style hood can cinch in around your head for additional warmth and keeps your pillow clean. Its durable shell will stand up to years of rigorous adventuring. It’s a warm, comfortable sleeping bag that’s soft to the touch, the Celsius XXL is keeping thousands of car campers happy in The Great Outdoors.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag


You’ll forget you’re camping in this cozy sleeping bag with soft poly-flannel lining. There’s plenty of room to spread out. The half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm and your pillow clean. Unzips on each side for airflow and easy access.

Warmth and Quality

Rain or shine, you’ll be warm and rested in this sleeping bag. The zipper and shoulder draft tubes, thermal enhancing, double-layer offset stitching, and innovative hollow fiber fill work together so the warmth stays in.

Never Roll Your Sleeping Bag Again

TETON Sports provides a durable compression sack with every sleeping bag for stuffing your sleeping bag into. Start at the bottom and stuff the bag in, then tighten the heavy-duty straps

  • Size: 90″ x 39″ (229×99 cm)
  • Taffeta Shell
  • Brushed Poly-Flannel Liner
  • Pack Size: 17″ x 12.5″ (44×31 cm)
  • Pack Weight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Oversized sleeping bag designed to fit one person comfortably or two people snugly
  • Attaches to second bag via left and right side zippers
  • Internal storage pocket for keys, wallet, and other valuables
  • Adjustable mummy hood
  • Double-layer construction entire width and length of bag increases warmth and durability
  • Sturdy taffeta shell stands up to years of use
  • Sturdy snag-free, two-way zippers with metal pulls
  • Full-length zipper baffle reduces drafts
  • Curved hood keeps head or pillow off the ground
  • Oxford compression sack with drawstring closure


  • Measures 39 by 90 inches (W x D)
  • Measures 12.5 by 17 inches (W x D) packed
  • Rated to zero degrees Fahrenheit
  • Seven-pound pack weight

Lifetime Warranty
TETON Sports products include a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BAG FOR ADULTS: Soft lining; Half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm and your pillow clean; Unzips at the top or bottom for easy access and ventilation; For camping in 3 seasons
  • NEVER ROLL YOUR SLEEPING BAG AGAIN: TETON provides a great compression sack for stuffing your sleeping bag; Start at the bottom and stuff the bag in, then tighten the heavy-duty straps
  • STAY WARM IN COLD WEATHER: You’ll be warm and rested in this sleeping bag; Innovative fiber fill, double-layer construction and draft tubes work together to keep the warmth in
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports