Seavilis Cooler 60qt (Tan)(Including $50.0 Free Accessories) Hanging Wire Basket,Divider and Cup Holder are Free

$279.75 $260.00


Years ago, we found the roto-mold coolers are super expensive in the market, and not with great features. In the mission of making a competitive product with same or even better quality and features, we started our own roto-mold cooler production. During the last few years, we implemented several new techniques in the roto-mold process, for example, 2nd drop plastic resin inside the cooler wall for better adhesion between plastic and insolation foam. Without 2nd drop, the cooler can easily get delaminated. And also we created our own advanced foaming process, more efficient and less waste foaming material. What’s more important, we make sure every cooler is 100% foamed inside for the best insolation.

For the product itself, we created several nice things and being the leader of this category in the market. We created a new cam lock system which makes people easier to open and lock the cooler in position. We tried successfully on many different new colors especially those nice Camo colors.

We will keep trying to improve and innovate more for the roto-mold cooler industry. We will keep bringing you new and better products.

Free Accessories-Divider,Basket and Cupholder Free Accessories including Divider (can be used as a cutting board), Basket (To keep dry and wet separate), and cup holder (enjoy your drink, no worry tipping). Accessories are free, but all heavy duty material used.

Vacuum release Valve, Drain plug, and side strap handles

The cooler is equipped with air release button. A good sealed cooler sometimes creates some vacuum inside. The vacuum release valve will help you open the cooler easily. The drain plug is specially designed. The size is very small to avoid sweating so it helps keeping ice longer time.  Side nylon straps for easy carry. And these are removable.

Thick Insulation foam and Strong Plastic Shell

Thick foam insulation is always a key feature for longer ice retention time. Our coolers are with thicker insulation foam. The LLDPE plastic shells are very strong. We did a drop test from 3rd floor, the cooler didn’t get broken. This shows you how strong it is built.

There are tie down slots on the lid of cooler. And side handles are removable. The holes here can be used for tie down straps. This will make your travel easier and safer.

Two high end stainless steel bottle openers are an added value to the product. Enjoy your drink with family and friends easily wherever you are with the cooler. This is also a pad lock hole on both side. You can lock the cooler easily for safety.

Always use high density ice for better performance. Ice from ice maker is low density.  Prechill before use.