NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight) with 1000 Lumen LED, Detachable Red Light Filter, Wall and Car Charger Attachments, Red



hree powerful illumination settings + a beefy battery that lasts up to 20 hours with a single charge

The 18 Watt LED can be easily adjusted to 3 brightness settings, so you won’t have to compromise on battery life when requiring less than full illumination: The Low (100 lumens) setting lasts approximately 20 hours, Medium (500 lumens) – about 12 hours, and High (1,000 lumens) – up to 6 hours. A beefy battery might just be one of the most important things in a flashlight, and with up to 20 hours on a single charge, this one has got you covered. Pro tip: Always plug the flashlight in after use to ensure full charge for when you use it next.

The flashlight also includes a detachable red light filter for 3 additional light options. Red light keeps your eyes adjusted for the dark and doesn’t disturb others, including animals. With the illumination range from 90 to 300 yards, it makes for an essential addition to your outdoor gear or tool box.

In your home, outside, in the car… it’s THE flashlight for almost any situation

Thanks to its light weight and compact size, the NoCry Rechargeable Spotlight is designed for a wide variety of heavy-duty uses. Slips easily into backpacks for hunting, fishing, camping, spelunking, hiking or walking. Can also be stored on a boat, in a camper, or in your automobile (also includes the cables you need to recharge it in the vehicle).

With a charge that lasts up to 20 hours, so you’re always prepared for power outages, overnight camping trips and prolonged use in dark basements and attics. Convenient eyelets and a cord tie make storing, packing and carrying this flashlight easy.

Here’s how much brightness you can realistically expect from your flashlight

There’s a lot of false information regarding lumen and brightness ratings out there. Even big brands are doing it and claiming a higher lumen rating than actually possible.

The amount of light which an LED light produces is determined by its wattage capacity. On average, an LED will produce 90 lumens of light per watt. To get a realistic estimation of the brightness of the LED, look for the “watts” of the LED light which you’re assessing. If it doesn’t list the type of bulb being used, assume 90 lumens per watt and multiply by the number of watts of the LED for real maximum brightness.

The NoCry Spotlight uses an 18 Watt CREE XHP-50.2 LED which has an efficiency of 165 lumens per watt; equalling a maximum output of 2,654 lumens. As 1000 lumens is sufficient to illuminate darkness over 300 yards, we have programmed our LED to shine at 1000 lumens for the maximum setting, giving 6 hours of run time at this brightness, maximizing the usability of our product.

Waterproof up to 3ft deep

Drop your spotlight in the water while fishing or boating? Don’t worry. Not only is the flashlight water resistant up to 3 feet deep, but the NoCry spotlight also floats to the surface of the water, making it easy to find and retrieve. Note: The charging outlet cover must be properly closed for the flashlight be waterproof.

Adjustable Stand

Sturdy black ABS stand holds spotlight in place when you need both hands free. It’s adjustable to allow you to set up the spotlight so that the light beam shines upward at any angle from 22º to 61º above the surface, or downward from 0º to -54º, if placed on the edge of a surface.

Wall and Automobile Charging

After use, simply plug your NoCry Spotlight into a wall outlet or use the car charger to connect with your car’s lighter or electrical outlet. That way, it will always be ready to go whenever you need it. Requires 4 hours for a full charge.

  • A POWERFUL LIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST. Super-bright 18 Watt LED light with three brightness settings: High (1,000 lumens), Medium (500 lumens) and Low (100 lumens). At 1,000 lumens, it’s significantly brighter than many higher-priced spotlights and flashlights. Removable filter enables both white and red light settings.
  • FINALLY A RECHARGEABLE SPOTLIGHT WITH SERIOUS LASTING POWER – UP TO 20 HOURS. Stop searching for batteries that are never there when you need them. This spotlight is made with a long-lasting, rechargeable 7.4 volt 18,500 Lithium-Ion battery with serious storage power (3000 mAh). A full charge is made to last longer than virtually any other flashlight – from 6 hours at 1,000 lumens to a whopping 20 hours at 100 lumens.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT, WATERPROOF, AND DOESN’T SINK. Made from tough, impact resistant ABS and polystyrene to protect the system from drops and bumps while in use. Should you accidentally drop it in water while hiking, camping, sailing or hunting, no worries – it’s waterproof up to 3ft deep, and floats to the surface of the water so it’s easy to retrieve.
  • SO LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE. This handheld flashlight weighs less than a pound (15.1 oz) and measures just 6in long and 3in wide, so it’s easy to carry and hold while walking or hiking outdoors. It might be a powerhouse in your hand, but you won’t get tired of holding it. Includes an adjustable stand for hands-free use.