nICE 45 Qt Cooler

$228.65 $220.34


If a product appears on the list of IGBC-approved bear-resistant products, it means that the commercially-available product has met minimum standards related to the effort that must be expended by grizzly bears to access the container’s contents. These standards were established through consultation with North American human-bear conflict experts and bear biologists. Please note that IGBC approval does NOT guarantee that the product is Bear-Proof and does not guarantee that the container will never be breached by bears.

The incredibly durable nICE line is designed for the toughest outdoor conditions. Whether it’s the jobsite, campsite, backyard, wilderness, truck bed, or fishing boateach cooler is designed with enhanced features – like extra strength handles, a thick outer shell, reinforced hinges, rubber latches, lockable storage, enhanced footer grips, can/cup holders, and MORE!!

The nICE 45 QT cooler is a durable mid-sized cooler. It’s great for the jobsite, campsite, hunting trip, lake, fishing trip or beach! The double walled insulation keeps food and drinks cold for days when you’re out in the wild. nICE offers cooling innovation at a fraction of the price. Experience a nICE cold beverage today.

  • Double walled insulation for extended ice retention
  • Certified Bear Resistant for added protection and durability
  • Integrated Lockable Lid for storage & security
  • Innovative threaded drain plug & built-in cup holders
  • 6-10 Day Ice Retention