Kong 50 Quart Cooler | Durable Medium Ice Chest | Perfect Hunting, Fishing, Boating and Camping Accessory | Extended Ice Retention | Made in The USA (Rugged Red GR Series)

$393.60 $338.80


The KONG 50 is one of the most versatile coolers in the KONG lineup. Not too big and not too small. Use the KONG 50 to host your buddies or hit the back country with a friend. All KONG Coolers come with one divider for handy, in-cooler storage or to be used as a shelf. Cooler holds 32 12-oz cans and 24 lbs ice – half ice, half beverages. Made in the USA, ready for the world.

All KONG Coolers come with one divider for handy, in-cooler storage or to be used as a shelf. The features found in each KONG Cooler are expertly crafted in the United States to take a beating anywhere on the planet.

Attractive and begging for a spot on your next adventure, KONG’s features are what makes this American-made, premium cooler the last cooler you’ll buy. KONG Coolers have been engineered to outlast the competition. Along with rugged durability and features engineered for maximum quality, KONG Coolers offer unique accessories to customize your cooler.

KONG Kickers, Krush Guards, Dividers, and other accessories are specifically designed to transform a KONG Cooler into not just cold storage but also a work station.

What Makes KONG Unique?

✔ High Grade Body Materials
✔ Divided Storage and Accessories
✔ Extended Ice Retention
✔ Cam Action Latches
✔ No-Slip Feet
✔ Stay-Put Lid
✔ Insulated Super Seal
✔ Attachment Points
✔ Rigid Padded Handles
✔ Sturdy Drain Plug

  • CAPACITY – Our KONG 50 Quart Cooler holds up to 32 12oz cans and 24 pounds of ice!
  • EXTENDED ICE RETENTION – KONG Coolers are designed to outlast your adventure and our competition with 10+ day ice retention! 
  • NO-SLIP FEET – With silicone rubber feet, we simply don’t cut corners. When you’ve got your KONG loaded, you can bet it’s not budging!
  • DIVIDED STORAGE & ACCESSORIES – Our dividers doubles as a shelf, triple as a cutting board, and quadruple as side table with the kicker in addition to keeping food dry and drinks wet.
  • STAY-PUT LID – Your KONG will open to a 45-degree angle while backed up against a wall or other object. The ability to get into your cooler when you’ve packed your gear tight and you’re thirsty is priceless.