Camco LED 16' Rope Camper Interior and Exterior Lighting for Special Occasions and Outdoor Events, Fits Into Your RV Awning Track (53100)

$52.74 $46.97


Outline your awning, windows, doorways, or campsite for a more spirited camping atmosphere. Camco’s LED Rope Lights are the perfect festive addition to your RV or campsite. The Rope Lights are clear with white lights for a crisp, clean glow. The LEDs are spaced 2-inches apart and covered in a clear PVC tubing for weather protection and flexibility. The 16-foot-long strand has a slim diameter of ¼-inch with narrow, capped ends to fit seamlessly inside most RV’s awning roller bar channel. It can also be hung using Camco’s RV Awning Clips. Includes 9.5-foot-long wiring with a CUL rated adapter.

Camco’s LED RV Rope Lights make your RV awning, windows, doorways or campsite more festive with these white lights that provide a crisp, clean glow. The rope lights are flexible, span 16-feet long and have a slim ¼-inch diameter with capped ends, making them easy to install inside most RV awning roller bar channels. To install, simply insert the rope lights inside your RV’s awing roller bar channel or hang them using Camco’s RV Awning Clips. Durable PVC tubing and a weatherproof connector makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Perfect for RVs: Fits seamlessly inside most RV’s awning roller bar channel or can be hung with awning clips
  • The Perfect Size: Measures 16 feet long with a ¼-inch diameter to fit into RV awning channels
  • Provides a Festive Atmosphere: Delivers white lights for a crisp, clean glow
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use: Features a weatherproof connector and PVC tubing
  • Easy to Install: Flexible for easy installation
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit