ALLCAMP OUTDOOR GEAR TLC14002A1MN ALLCAMP Hopper Portable Cooler Bag 25L with 5 ice Pack boxs Silv, Large, Solid Silver

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Closed-cell rubber foam provides superior refrigeration for ordinary soft coolers. Completely blocked the internal low temperature, greatly increasing the low temperature time!


The new opening design perfectly seals the internal low temperature. The way to open the opening is simple and fast. It can be easily opened without wasting a lot of force. The airtight effect can be the same as the airtight zipper!


The Hopper’s high-density fabric is waterproof and punctures, and UV rays.

Reinforces the design of the handle so that it can withstand the weight of 51 cans 330 ml of beer

  • Cold storage or Hot preservation for 72hours, keep food fresh.
  • Outer TPU with special welding technic. Inside lining same material as infusion tube. it is waterproof.
  • Light, portable, vehicle-mounted,floatable etc.
  • Can be used as a dry goods store bag, seafood bag, lunch kits, medical supplies constant temperature storage bag, fresh water (liquid) storage bag, etc.
  • Crashproof, anti-extrusion, shockproof, waterproof.
  • Fit for self-driving travel, cold-chain transportation, vegetable&food cold storage and hot preservation, camping adventure, water sports, rescuing, medcine transportation etc.

Double TPU by special welding technology with professional waterproof pocket makes bags more airtight,watertight for cold storage and hot preservation.

Non-toxic, easy-carry insulation for great cold storage and hot preservation. Anti-collision, anti-extruding, waterproof and floatable for life-saving.

Special fabric with professional airtight, to prevent heat exchange and make sure tiny temperature difference. Same material as infusion tube to make sure food clean and safe.

  • Dimensions are 18.1″(L)*9.5″(W)*13.4″(H) ,the empty weight of 11.15 lbs.
  • Super long keep ice .insulated by 15mm NBR closed cell foam,roll top closure with buckle release. double tpu coating is highly resistant to puncture and abrasion.Special gift box with 5 ice Pack boxs.
  • Completely leakproof. High frequency welding craftsmanship,durable tarpaulin for outer textile, 420D TPU for inter textile.
  • Large Capacity .Top complete opening for easy loading and clean ,A carrying capacity of up to 36 cans with ice,Wide mouth roll top opening makes it more easy to lock the temperature.
  • The Coolers Bag was designed to carry big food-and-beverage cargoes with ease so it’s perfect forGo fishing or long-term wilderness adventure.
  • Material Type: Made of double coating 840D tpu ,420D inner lining tpu